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Who We Are




Mission: Support sustainable farming that raises animals humanely, respects the land, and assures a high-quality source of chevon to put on American tables.


How It All Began


Around 2011, Shirley Richardson, owner of Tannery Farm Cashmeres, recognized that Vermont's goat dairies, which supply the milk for the state's award-winning goat cheese industry, had the potential to produce another high quality product.  Succulent, flavorful chevon — as tender as lamb but milder — is the healthiest of all the commonly eaten meats. With businessman, Jan Westervelt, Shirley launched Vermont Chevon, a network of farms that now supply markets, butchers, chefs, and consumers with this valuable source of protein. 

Our Farmers

Vermont dairy goat farms have an international reputation for producing superb milk and cheese. This success resulted in a surplus of high-quality livestock that were not consistently being used as a food source. The potential of adding value and sustainability for dairy goat farms was tremendous. We are working with farms throughout Vermont to source high quality transition goats.
— Shirley Richardson
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Lazy Lady Farm

Lazy Lady Farm started in 1987 on barren land and in a small cabin. From the beginning, Lani Fondiller has been committed to raising healthy goats that graze on lush pastures and feed on non-GMO feeds, kelp, minerals, sunflower seeds, flax, and rolled oats. Today Lazy Lady cheeses are served in the best restaurants throughout the Northeast.


Blue Ledge Farm

Greg Bernhardt and Hannah Sessions started their family owned farm in 2000 with a mission to create a high quality product built on the cornerstones of respect for consumers, land, and animals. Wine Spectator Magazine tagged their farm as producing one of the "100 Greatest" Cheeses in the world in 2008.
Photo by Michael Warren


Ayers Brook Farm

Vermont Creamery, in partnership with Evergreen Conservation Partners, collaborated to establish a model commercial goat dairy on the farm to serve as a catalyst for fostering the growth of the goat dairy industry in Vermont.