Worth Burger, Too in Waitsfield, Vermont: "Goat Your Way" Burger Ymmmm!

“Good People Drink Good Beer and Eat Worthy Food”


True to its name, the food and esprit d’corps at Vermont’s newest craft beer and hamburger eatery is truly deserving of all the attention it is getting. The first Worthy Burger started in 2012 in South Royalton, and then the Worthy Kitchen in Woodstock opened and very recently the Worthy Burger Too came to Waitsfield.

As adventurous chefs with a serious commitment to sustainable food, Worthy Burger Too in Waitsfield created a mouth-watering goat burger called “Goat Your Way” (a takeoff on Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Way”). The burger was fixed with Jamaican curry mayo and Worthy’s Habanero-Pickled Pineapple. According to Jase Farina, Worthy Burger Too’s general manager, it was a hit with customers and staff. “One staff person ate 6 of them!”

Why did they want to try goat burgers? “It was Shirley,” says Jase, “she was dynamite. When she told us about the problem of animals being wasted that was the first hook. But then we tried it, and it was tender and delicious.”

If you’re around South Royalton, Woodstock, or Waitsfield look up the Worthy – it will be well worth the stop and don’t forget to ask for the “Goat Your Way.”