Fabulous Goat Cuisine Served Up at Almond Bar & Restaurant, Bridgehampton, New York


On a chilly November evening recently, diners gathered at the Almond Restaurant & Bar out on Long Island, New York. The event was organized by Rachel Freier in collaboration with the chefs and co-owners, Chef Jason Weiner and Eric Lemonides.

Expectations of trying a meal featuring Vermont Chevon was high. Two East End culinary powerhouses came together in Almond’s kitchen to prepare a four-course of locally sourced Vermont Chevon, Channing Daughter wines, and farm fresh produce.

Almond’s Chef de Cuisine, Jeremy Blutstein and special guest Chef Dane Sayles of Scarpetta Beach hit the mark with an amazing menu. The four courses included Goat Birria with tomatillos, chiles and balsam radish. A braised goat Cavatelli was prepared by Sayles whose Jamaican background gave this dish an amazing flavor of “ja” curry and smoked goat cream. Sayles went so far as to call his mother in Jamaica to ship the authentic curry spices. North African Grilled Goaty Bits were accompanied with mustards, harissa, and raw milk house funked yogurt. The dinner was topped off with thyme and goat cheese donuts.

Chevon it seems will now be a part of Almond’s culinary repertoire. Eric Lemonides, co-owner of Almond in Bridgehampton and the Almond Restaurant in Flatiron, New York City, wrote Shirley recently, “Vermont Chevon is awesome! I just finished dinner at Almond and enjoyed our new menu item, goatchetta. I’m glad you are in our orbit!”  The Shirley’s Goatchetta is a mouth-watering combination of chevon, arugula, olive oil poached pinto potatoes, Pecorino Toscano and pomegranates.