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Merguez Sausage

Prepared by Artisan Meats of Vermont Jacob Finsen

We are proud to be working with five outstanding distributors — all of whom believe in delivering high quality meats! Please contact one of our distributors for any wholesale order. If you don't have a distributor in your area, please contact us.


Myers Produce

 In operation since 2013, Myers is a regional distributor based in Northern Vermont that buys fruit,  vegetables, meat, and grains from small, primarily organic farms in Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine, and sell to wholesale customers in New York City and the Boston area.  Everything that they offer to customers has been produced in the Northeast.


T.F. Kinnealey (Boston)

This 77-year-old family run business in Boston promises to provide you with "what you need, when you need it." 

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 Black River Meats (Springfield, Vermont)

Black River believes that consumers shouldn't have to guess where their food comes from and how it comes to them and believes strongly in the potential of connecting small farms throughout Vermont and the Northeast with the ready market of discerning, conscientious consumers. 

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Vermont Quality Meats

Vermont Quality Meats works closely with small family farms and cheesemakers in Vermont to provide premium quality meats, poultry, and artisan cheeses to fine dining restaurants and butcher shops throughout New England and New York. 


Marty's Local

Based in the Berkshires, Marty's Local connects nearby farmers and food entrepreneurs with institutional buyers, distributors, restaurants, and grocers throughout New England and New York. 

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Demand for our chevon products is growing! The list of markets and restaurants that are carrying and dishing up chevon is constantly changing.  If a restaurant or market doesn't have it, ask for it! 

Or you can buy it directly from us. Click here for our price sheet. Give us a call if you'd like to place an order. 

For information about some of the hottest restaurants and new grocery stores that are featuring chevon and for some delicious recipes, jump to our "What Cooking!" page.