Why Goat Meat?

Almost seventy percent of the world’s population eats goat meat. The only place it is not consistently consumed is North America. Goat is considered a red meat but the total calories associated with 100g of goat meat are 122; whereas the same portion of pork has 180 calories, beef 178 calories and chicken has 162 calories! Goat Meat (often called Chevon or Cabrito) is a much healthier choice and full of iron, potassium and b12. It takes less land to raise goats and therefore the BMP impact is significantly lower than beef.

How is Vermont Chevon Sold?

Vermont Chevon is currently sold by the half goat case. Each case includes: two shanks/half neck, half loin/half rack, leg, shoulder, half riblets and has been cut into primal pieces, vacuumed sealed and frozen.

Why primal and frozen?

Vermont Chevon is doing our part to create less waste in the environment. Primal cut means more meat for the customer and less plastic in the landfill. Our half goat cases contain a lot of meat and frozen allows for chefs to take their time and get creative with this incredible product.


Vermont Chevon’s main New England distributor is Kinnealey Meats. If you are a chef, restaurant or food enthusiast we encourage you to send us a message. We are constantly building new connections and will gladly work with you to guarantee that our highest quality Chevon arrives at your door.