Mission: Support sustainable farming that raises animals humanely, respects the land, and assures a high-quality source of chevon to put on American tables.

How It All Began

Around 2011, Shirley Richardson, owner of Tannery Farm Cashmeres, recognized that Vermont's goat dairies, which supply the milk for the state's award-winning goat cheese industry, had the potential to produce another high quality product.  Succulent, flavorful goat meat -- as tender as lamb but milder -- is most widely consumed meat in the world. With businessman, Jan Westervelt, Shirley launched Vermont Chevon, a network of farms that now supply markets, butchers, chefs, and consumers with this valuable source of protein. Vermont Chevon's mission is to support sustainable farming that raises animals humanely, respects the land, and insures a high-quality source of chevon for the consumer.

Meet the Team


Shirley Richardson

After leaving education as a principal and a consultant, Shirley Richardson focused her attention on her goat farm and in 2011 launched Vermont Chevon. She is currently the company’s CEO.


Miles Hooper

Miles Hooper, of Randolph, Vermont, is the farm manager at Ayers Brook Goat Dairy and is Vermont Chevon’s Director of Finance/Comptroller. He has been closely connected to the dairy goat industry most of his life.


Katja Evans

Katja Evans, of Braintree, Vermont, is a goat farmer and a certified Veterinary Technician. She is the Director of Operations and also oversees two Vermont mini-farms currently growing bucklings to market weight.